A Smarter Way to Connect People.

Over the years, Artisans and local talents have had to rely on person to person referral in order to reach new customers and get more projects/contracts done. This however, drastically reduced their chances of being found by new customers who are in dire need of their services.
Blucaller, taking advantage of the latest trends in Information and Technology, cleverly connects these artisans to their customers.
Artisans include but not limited to Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Artists, Fashion designers, CCTV Installers, Auto Mechanics, Caterers, Skitmakers and Solar installers.


Blucaller's core objective is to create a mobile friendly and transparent market place for local artisans such as Electricians, Plumbers,Painters, Tailors, Auto-Mechanics, and other trades of varying skills to connect with millions of clients on daily basis, these thereby creating more employment opportunities for the rising number of unemployed youths.

All artisans and contractors registered on our platform are thoroughly screened and monitored for effective delivery of services on daily basis.

Our Progress

Blucaller is currently active in major cities of Nigeria

Portharcourt,Asaba,Warri,Benin, and many more.

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Why Blucaller

Attractive features for both Contractors and Clients

Fast & Powerful

Reach Millions of customers online daily like never before.

Be Your Own Boss

Set and work according to your schedule. No Pressure from anywhere

Get Reviews

Get Tips and Training to enhance your profession.

Easy Home or Office Maintenance

Wait no more to get maintenance done at home and in the office

Get the very Best

Blucaller search algorithm ensures that you get the best contractor of good character to carry out your maintenance or new project.

New to an Area? Do not Worry

Blucaller goes with you Anywhere, Anytime.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do i Start as a Contractor?

Contractors are to download the Blucaller-Contractor App, Register with their full personal and working details. They are also required to complete the verification excercise via the mobile app. On completion of the above steps, the contractor will be activated to start getting calls from customers.

How much percentage or commission does Blucaller take from my contracts fee with a Customer?

Blucaller does not charge any contractor for projects or contracts completed. Blucaller's function ends when a customer has contacted you for a project or for a maintenance, whatever your proceeds are, belongs only to you.

How does Blucaller Earn ?

For Contractors to remain at the top search rank of customers, contractors can pay an optional fee of NGN 1000 or NGN 500 on the subscription page of their dashboard.

Can i review a customer?

Yes. Customers can be reviewed and rated by a contractor.

How do i begin as a Client?

Clients or Customers of Contractors are to download the Blucaller Client app, register their full details, and start searching for contractors of their choice..

As a Customer, how much do i pay for using Blucaller?

Blucaller is completely free for the Clients and Customers. No fee charged. No Subscription.

Are the Contractors on Blucaller Verified?

Blucaller Limited is very commited in protecting the interest of Customers and Contractors. We frown and entertain zero tolerance to indecency and un-professionalism in the discharge of duties. All our contractors are duly verified by seasoned and experienced Engineers and professionals in relevant fields of practice. Clients and Customers are also advised to read our Terms & Conditions and all reviews about a contractor, before engaging him/her and to read through the Blucaller Terms and Agreement.

How do i contact Blucaller?

Customers can contact us on support@blucaller.com.ng